Frequently Asked Questions

Jackson Collision Office

Why are estimates different from shop to shop?

Our customers can be assured of a thorough, accurate and timely estimate for the work that we perform.

When can I expect my repairs to begin?

The second we get an approval from you or the combination of you and your insurance company we can get started.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We will accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Cash and Insurance checks. If you decide to deposit the insurance check into your own account, please be aware that it may sometimes take your bank up to two weeks to clear funds. We however would be happy to accept the check directly as payment. It is also important to note that all and any deductibles are the responsibility of the vehicle owner and will have to be paid at time of delivery or pickup of vehicle if applied. We also work with ALL insurance companies.

Can I expect my vehicle to be finished on the date promised?

Most body shops wishing to remain completely honest will not make a promise like this. Sadly to say that sometimes due to hidden damage or simply waiting for insurance company response may slow the process of getting your car and or truck back to you. We will however do our very best to try and give an accurate estimate of when you can expect your vehicle. The most important thing is that your repairs are done correctly and that you are happy with the finished work.

Is there certain care that needs to be taken for freshly painted vehicles?

Yes…Do not wax your fresh paint for at least 60 days…You can wash your vehicle anytime immediately following any of our paint jobs. However, we prefer you to hand wash your car with a mild car wash soap and towel dry after you wash it to prevent water spots.